Bitcoin Billionaire Hit Song hits the charts


LOS ANGELES, Oct. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Back with unerring success, Del Oro Music artist David Longoria has drawn into the depths of his musical career to deliver an effervescent and addictive single titled ‘Billionaire Bitcoin’ . With over 100,000 streams per month on Spotify alone, David has created yet another song that will reaffirm his status as a multidimensional artist adored by an ever-changing fan base.

Known for his exquisite trumpet playing, “Bitcoin Billionaire” ensures the continued success of David’s Billboard Chart as it has a humorous hit on crypto traders. Normally migrating between the worlds of jazz and pure pop music, David has produced another song which has its basis in the big band era, but which has been boosted for today’s world.

His voice compliments an elegant arrangement that reaches all heights as he delivers a tongue-in-cheek critique of people who are out of touch with reality. Its horn sound is on a new level, and the sound is a throwback to the glamorous days of yesteryear. “Bitcoin Billionaire” is another example of how David can merge elements from various musical genres and create music that will appeal to people of all walks of life.

Brilliantly orchestrated, humorous, energetic and highly refined, David keeps every promise he has ever made in a career spanning more than two decades. Celebrating life through parody and music, it leads us once again to a world of new musical horizons with fun in the head and music in the soul.

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