Bloomingdale School of Music returns to in-person lessons


Bloomingdale School of Music offers in-person music lessons for the fall semester in their beloved brownstone.

Bloomingdale’s classes aim to educate students and instill discipline, fun and a passion for self-expression through music through high quality teaching throughout the year. Music has the power to change lives and the program is designed to reflect this philosophy. The School offers courses for more than 20 instruments and for all types of students at all levels, as well as virtual ensembles. To register and learn more, visit

“I am so delighted that we are welcoming students back to our brownstone and giving them access online,” said Laura Gravino, Director of Education. “We combine convenience with learning options for students of all skill levels and ages. By offering classes for early childhood learners, K-12 students and adults, there is something for everyone and a chance for children, parents and grandparents to do part of the Bloomingdale community. As we continue to offer innovative courses and engaging packages, we also continue our commitment to financial service through scholarships and financial aid available to our community as needed. “


Early childhood

BSM will offer 17-week early childhood education sessions, including options for the whole family to participate in the activity. BSM will continue to offer courses based on Dalcroze theory, music and movement, and Orff instrument courses.

Beginners course

Back this fall, our Young Beginner Lessons are a great introduction to our most popular instruments. Support group class settings allow students to work together, learn together, and support each other as they overcome musical challenges together.

Cello for children (6-9 years)

Guitar for children (8-10 years)

Keyboard for children (6-9 years)

Violin for children (6-9 years)

Voices for children (5-9 years)

Playing sets

Join groups of like-minded musicians to enjoy music in a friendly and fun environment.


Students 8 years and older can participate in performance-based classes. Students will gain valuable experience rehearsing and playing in a virtual band to continue making music together safely.

Ensemble Broadway (13-21 years old)

Do you dream of being on stage? The costumes, the lights, the songs? Join fellow musical theater enthusiasts ages 13-21 to explore the Broadway repertoire through one-on-one private coaching and group sessions culminating in a virtual band and a solo video performance. Students will be paired with singers of a similar level to perform scenes from the repertoire of classical and modern musical theater.

(New) Central stage (8-12 years old)

Members of the Center Stage Ensemble will build an artistic base by using their love of singing and their curiosity to perform and “kick it off” in a stimulating and encouraging environment! It is a precursor to Broadway Ensemble for young students.

(New) Prelude Orchestra (9-13 years old)

Students with one semester or one year experience with their instruments will join their peers to play introductory orchestral works. Students should start reading music in their lessons.

Prelude Orchestra

(New) Interlude Orchestra (13-18 years old)

Students with two or more years of experience with their instruments will join their peers in playing new and old orchestral works. Students must be comfortable reading music and performing in Suzuki Book 3 or higher to qualify for this set.

Youth Jazz Ensemble (12-18 years old)

The Bloomingdale School of Music is excited to launch its Youth Jazz Ensemble this fall. The ensemble will perform music from the Great American Songbook, as well as various musical selections from around the world.

Jazz ensemble for adults (18 years and over)

The Jazz Ensemble is a place where students can explore music in the tradition of jazz, particularly the bebop, post-bop, Latin and Brazilian styles. Students will learn improvisation through the study and interpretation of jazz and blues.

Junior Guitar Orchestra (8-14 years old)

Intended to introduce musicians to rehearsal and ensemble performance at an earlier stage in their musical development, the Junior Guitar Orchestra is an exciting new ensemble for young guitarists to acquire essential ensemble skills and of musicality.

Guitar orchestra (10-17 years old)

Designed to suit a wide range of ages and skill levels, Bloomingdale’s Guitar Orchestra features music ranging from Renaissance to contemporary compositions, original works for guitars, and arrangements of popular music.

Guitar ensemble for adults (18 years and over)

The Adult Guitar Ensemble explores a wide range of musical genres ranging from classical music to folk music arranged for classical guitar.

Preparatory Flute Choir (8-13 years old)

Preparatory Flute Choir is the perfect group for beginner flautists looking for a welcoming ensemble experience.

Flute choir (12 years-adult)

Join this group of welcoming, fun and united flautists! The weekly ensemble practice gives flautists of all ages the chance to explore the flute ensemble repertoire.ûte-choeur/

Trumpet ensemble (13-18 years old)

The Trumpet Ensemble is a group of 3 to 5 members who work on ensemble playing, intonation, mixing and rhythmic study. The group performs in public several times a year, including trumpet recitals, Sharing Hours and the annual Performathon.

Bloomingdale School of Music is committed to practices that focus on protecting the health and safety of employees, students and the community, ensuring appropriate physical distancing, ensuring appropriate infection control, and communicating clearly with the public. As part of the school’s commitment to maintaining a safe space for learning, and in accordance with development guidelines issued by federal, state and local governments, BSM currently requires that all employees, students and Vaccine-eligible visitors over 12 be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus as of October 15, 2021. Students under 12 are still allowed to attend classes in person without being vaccinated. You can read more about BSM’s safety guidelines here, which cover considerations such as HVAC systems, screening protocols, contact tracing, cleaning protocols, guidelines for in-person instruction by department, and instrument, as well as the use of performance halls, teaching studios, and common areas in detail.

In the words of longtime student Daisy Roberts, one of Bloomingdale’s more than 600 students, “323 West 108th Street is more than a music school. It is a community, a family, a house. I don’t think I would be the musician I am today without Bloomingdale’s. It nourished me growing up, helped me develop as a person, and changed me for the better. So thank you, Bloomingdale. I couldn’t have done it without you. “

Founded in 1964, Bloomingdale School of Music is dedicated to the belief that music changes lives and that everyone should have access to a high quality music education, regardless of economic status, race, religion, background. skill level or gender. Bloomingdale is a music-focused community center where everyone is welcome to join in and learn about music from the best teachers. We are dedicated to our mission – making music education accessible to anyone who wants to learn – and remain focused on supporting this mission through our values.

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