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Cheryl Burke’s surprise COVID-19 diagnosis ahead of last week’s episode of Dancing with the stars was a shocking turn for fans, who got to see Burke and his partner, the hugely popular Peloton instructor and Britney Spears fanatic Cody Rigsby, be judged on the basis of a rehearsal earlier in the week. While their salsa dance to Camila Cabello’s “Dont Go Yet” earned them a score of 24/40, their third week in the ballroom competition is about to prove even more difficult; Rigsby announced on his Instagram that he has now tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time (he and Burke, thankfully, only show mild symptoms).

Luckily, the ABC Ballroom Battle has an interesting way for our boo and favorite partner Burke to keep competing. For week 3, EW reports that Rigsby will perform a solo jazz number (from his home in New York) while Burke will perform simultaneously from his home in Los Angeles. In a twist of fate, Monday is Britney Spears night, one that Rigsby (a huge Britney Spears fan) is almost certainly looking forward to.

Although jazz dance can be performed independently (the dance does not require any movement requiring folded hands), it is still uncharted territory for veteran professional dancers.Dancing with the stars Favorite Burke. “We will do it in the comfort of our own home” an optimistic Burke said Hello america saying “Look at this, I turned our living room into a ballroom.” For his part, Rigsby remains zen on the whole experience, declaring “The universe is crazy. Sometimes it just throws things in your lap and you just have to deal with it. “

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