Dance teacher celebrates 30-year career at Kelvindale in Glasgow

A LOCAL dance teacher celebrates 30 years of her school in Kelvindale in Glasgow.

Judy Fielding opened her dance school three decades ago and has been teaching jazz, ballet and tap dance ever since.

She said: “I’m 55 now and have been dancing since I was three.

“I wanted to be a professional dancer, but then I fell into teaching, I thought ‘it’s more me’ and I preferred that to the stage. That’s how I started and I keep on going.

“All my life I’ve been dancing and I’m not planning on quitting anytime soon.”

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The Judy Fielding School of Dance has been a mainstay of the community since it opened, and hundreds of children and adults have worn down its floors.

Many of his students, after leaving for college, return years later, enrolling their own children in classes.

The teacher, from Yorkshire, said: “I don’t feel special, I just feel like part of their family.

“I am also still in contact with a lot of the children I was teaching.

“I hear about their friendships and what they do. I always say: if you come to my dance school, you never really leave, you are part of the family.”

Looking back on her career, Ms. Fielding explained that every day is special, but one event stood out.

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She said: “One of my favorite moments was five years ago, it was my 25th birthday and I put it on Facebook calling everyone who attended my classes and telling them I would have a show in my dance hall, please come and join us, i would love to see you.

“On the day of the show I went to open the door and all the way to school was filled with these gorgeous faces. It was a huge queue and it was probably my most special and favorite moment. ”

To mark her school’s 30th anniversary, her current students will put on a special show at Hylands High School on Saturday.

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