DJ Jazzy Jeff will give a free workshop at Sweetwater

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – West Philadelphia to Bel Air to Fort Wayne.

DJ Jazzy Jeff of Fresh Prince fame will be teaching a free DJ and music production workshop on Monday at Sweetwater.

“It was on my to-do list,” he told WANE 15 over Zoom from his home studio in Philadelphia. “As you see with all the gear here, Sweetwater is kind of like a candy store, so you have no idea how excited I am.”

The real Jeffrey Townes teamed up with Will Smith on huge Grammy-winning hip-hop hits starting in 1989. Since then, he’s seen a lot of technological change.

“I still have probably 100,000 records here. I kept all my vinyl. I have a tape recorder that I spent $100,000 on maybe 35 years ago and it’s in my laptop now.

He thinks anyone interested in DJing, music production “or even just music lovers” should attend. He likes to explain how the equipment creates different sounds to mix into songs that people love.

“To me, making music is like giving birth every time you make a song. You’re doing something that may be the most important thing in someone’s life. Sometimes you make the song of wedding of someone you know will never forget. It was amazing for me.

Jeff says he still plays shows 160 nights a year, 130 of which are overseas. “From South Dakota to South Bend in South Africa.”

After a virtual appearance at GearFest last year, Jeff is ready for the in-person tour of Fort Wayne.

“A lot of my friends left and were absolutely blown away. So I’m excited. It’s my turn.”

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