Five international artists to watch

The United States is a melting pot of art, music and entertainment. It’s easy to trust the American music landscape when it has so much to offer, but there’s an array of international music worth listening to. With easy access to streaming services and globalization, people no longer have an excuse to limit themselves. There are many artists to watch.

Charlotte Cardin

Born and raised in Montreal, Charlotte Cardin first gained recognition on the Quebec version of “The Voice” in 2013. Initially pursuing modeling, she eventually decided she wanted to pursue music full-time. A few years after her release, she released her first EP, “Big Boy.” In 2021, she finally released her long-awaited debut album, “Phoenix” which reached number one on the Canadian charts. Singing in both English and French, Cardin displays a remarkable blend of jazz, R&B and pop elements in his sound. Besides that, she co-writes all of her songs. Her voice stands out on all of her records as crisp and soulful, and whether you’re looking for an upbeat women’s anthem or a song for bedroom blues, she has plenty of moods to offer. Cardin plans to tour North America in 2022.

Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice are a UK-based alternative rock band that have made their mark by having a vocalist, Ellie Rowsell. Founded in 2010, the band have made their way into the mainstream, recently joining Harry Styles on his European tour. Their sound can be described as rock with elements of dream pop and grunge, taking the listener back to the 90s with bands like Hole and Nirvana. Their most recent album, “Blue Weekend”, received critical acclaim and landed at number one on the UK chart. Rowsell’s vocals are haunting and melancholic – almost as if she’s infusing her emotions into the listener’s veins – but it’s not without that rock angst. Their fan base continues to grow and it looks like they will be in the pop mainstream after touring with Styles.

Tom Misch

London-born Tom Misch started releasing his own songs in 2012 on Soundcloud and released his debut album, ‘Geography’, in 2018. At just 26, it seems we’ve only seen the beginning of his part. , but he left us much to be impressed. His music contains elements of groove, jazz and hip-hop that create an atmosphere conducive to introspection and relaxation.


Born in Haiti and raised in Montreal, KAYTRANADA is a critically acclaimed record producer and DJ. He is known for his unique production of interwoven electronic, funk, house and R&B sounds. His music resembles sounds of the past like 70s funk and disco, while being synchronically futuristic. If one person were to be the definition of a “vibe”, it would be KAYTRANADA. Some would say that KAYTRANADA is already mainstream, and in a way it’s true – it’s hugely popular and has won numerous awards, including two Grammys. However, it still feels like this is just the beginning. With his talent and creativity, he has the potential to be at superstar level.


Born and raised in London, Bakar is a relatively new indie-rock singer-songwriter on the music scene. Most of her songs have acoustic elements, with witty lyrics like “she liked petty crimes, she had green eyes like Mountain Dew and where she was going I’ll never know, her friends were bouncing too”. He successfully mixes elements of rock, indie and hip-hop in his storytelling, especially on the song “All In”. At one point, the song builds heavy drums as it tells the story of a girl he would give anything for. His new album, “Nobody’s Home”, will be released on February 25.

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