Free Music Returns to the Original Farmer’s Market – NBC Los Angeles

Do you have a little sway on your hips, a tap on your toes, or the tendency to bounce your head in several different directions?

You’re probably already dancing a little while walking around Quirky Farmer’s Marketa sweet, sweet, gourmet landmark that has a sense of inherent musicality, even when no tunes are playing.

The market’s offbeat musical moments could come from the whoosh of an ice cream maker, or the sizzle of a loaded grill, or the chimes, the joyful vintage notes emitted by the property’s famous clock tower.

But hips are sure to be swaying and toes totally tapping, when a popular series of sonic parties return to the green-awned public market.

For the market Thursday Night Summer Musical Series will be shining the brass and strumming the strings starting May 26, with a whole host of cool acts to come in the coming months.

These artists include the Latin jazz of Louis Cruz Beltran on June 2, vintage Hawaiian radio vibes from Hukilau Hotshots on June 16, and the swing-tastic sounds of Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys on July 21.

And start it all on May 26? Fully Fullwood famous Bob Marley has the sweet tunes of reggae.

All shows are priced free, the venue is the West Patio of the Market, and although no advance reservations are required, it is recommended that you arrive before the 6pm start time, if you wish to get a table or a seat.

And delicious dinner options? They’re everywhere, with the famous Gumbo Pot serving up New Orleans fare just steps from the stage.

Show up with funds for food, treats, beer and wine, and maybe a light sweater, if the June Gloom sets in after nightfall arrives at the legendary corner of Third & Fairfax.

As for Friday night rock ‘n roll? This is also happening this summer; check the schedule and EB’s dance party line-up, before leaving.

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