FSU College of Music celebrates International Education Month with three ensembles


Florida State University’s College of Music will honor its commitment to music from around the world during International Education Month by presenting three ensembles showcasing the unique styles and traditions of international music in November.

“The College of Music has a long and rich tradition of studying and performing music that celebrates the incredible diversity in the way music expresses the lives of people,” said Gregory Jones, Associate Dean of the College of Music. “Our faculty and students take the opportunity to enrich their understanding of culture and share this new awareness with our audience every semester.”

An award-winning national leader in campus internationalization, FSU honors its commitment to international education throughout the month of November with events that celebrate its diverse community and the importance of global connections, perspectives and experiences.

In addition to events and conferences hosted by other units of the university, the College of Music will highlight international students and their achievements on social media throughout the month of November.

All performances will take place at 7:30 p.m. November 16-18 at Opperman Music Hall. The concerts are free and open to the public.

For more information and a full schedule of events, visit https://global.fsu.edu/iem.

List of featured events

Balinese gamelan set

7:30 p.m. Tuesday November 16

Directed by Michael B. Bakan, the Balinese gamelan set “Sekaa Gong Hanuman Agung” will perform repertoires of gamelan gong kebyar, a Balinese gamelan style of music from Indonesia.

The ensemble will perform five pieces: Baris, a traditional composition to accompany the Indonesian war dance, Gambang Kuta; Gilak Pemendak Agung, a traditional composition often performed in temples that welcome gods to Earth to attend ceremonies; Hujan Mas, which means to rain gold; and Janger for Sulings, performed by Indra Sadguna, a traditional folk song arranged for Balinese sulings (bamboo flutes).

Brazilian sets and Steelpan

7:30 p.m. Wednesday November 17

The Brazilian Ensemble FSU “Grupo Jaraguá” celebrates and pays homage to a diversity of rich Afro-Brazilian musical traditions. The performance will feature a variety of rhythms and musical textures, combining a carnival-style percussion ensemble with strings, choral singing, original choreography by FSU School of Dance students, and a special appearance by members of Tallahassee Capoeira.

The Caribbean Steelpan Ensemble of the FSU “Mas ‘n’ Steel” will perform a diverse musical selection and a lively performance. Led by Abby Rehard, Mas ‘n’ Steel will perform a variety of musical styles including calypso, soca, afrobeat, samba, funk and more. The concert will feature collaborations with jazz students from the College of Music and “Afro-Nyota”, contemporary music from FSU African folk music ensemble.

Ancient and Middle Eastern Ensembles

7:30 p.m. Thursday November 18

The FSU Old Time Ensemble focuses on traditional North American music and dance. Students learn Appalachian-style violin ballads and tunes on a variety of instruments, including violin, guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, dulcimer, and piano, and have the chance to learn the sabotage and square dancing. The group gives several community outreach concerts each year in addition to their campus performances.

The Middle East setThe s fall concert features selections of traditional Arabic and Turkish music, including songs written by brothers Rahbani and Sayyid Darwish. The musical mission of the ensemble is to provide students with opportunities to explore other modes of musicality while learning about the stories that inform Middle Eastern culture, especially in Arab, Turkish and Persian traditions.

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