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For those reading that don’t have plans for Thursday night, may I direct you to the Too Many Zooz show at the Volcanic Theater Pub. This trio of top musicians are 100% going to rock the house, so get ready to dance…because they wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a band that started out in the subways and streets, Too Many Zooz went from those early days playing for tips in Union Square and all over town, to sharing stages with The Chicks (formerly The Dixie Chicks) and Beyoncé at the Country Music Awards, after Queen Bey herself saw videos of them performing on the subway online and asked them to play parts to her song “Daddy Lessons” from 2016’s “Lemonade.” It’s a rise that few bands or solo artists can even comprehend, but Too Many Zooz have earned it with their inventive methods and room-changing energy.

  • Justin Borucki
  • Prepare to descend because every Zooz show is a dance party!

Learn more about the trio below and what they’re bringing to Bend this Thursday with this band fact sheet.

Who is in the group: King of Sludge (birth name David Parks) on drums, Leo Pellegrino on baritone sax and Matt Muirhead on trumpet.

Where do they come from : Originally, the three came from different parts of the country: Muirhead from Boston, Pellegrino from Pittsburgh and KOS from Indianapolis. Pellegrino and Muirhead met when they were both students at the Manhattan School of Jazz and Parks was introduced to them while playing with another band on the New York City subway. Eventually, their talents would join forces and Too Many Zooz was created in 2013.

What to love: Well, for starters, Too Many Zooz is basically the creator of “brewery”. It’s a combination of jazz, house, hip-hop and more, all brought together in a way that’s both danceable and invigorating. The band will often stray from traditional instruments to use various sonic tools, whether on the streets or in the studio. “Warriors,” one of the trio’s most popular tracks, might ring a bell if you’re not too familiar with the band. It’s a burst of good energy that will get you pumped for anything, and the music video is essentially an action flick where Too Many Zooz fend off their enemies with the power of their instruments. So not only are they cool when it comes to playing, but also humorous. They take risks and think outside the box of the traditional sounds of their instruments – Too Many Zooz are a trio of innovators.

Songs to start: “Warriors”, “Subway Gawdz”, “Pep Talk”, “Make Room”, “Funky Christmas”.

Random internet research fact: Pellegrino, or Leo P as he is often called, started playing the clarinet as a child because his father was an accordionist, so they would play traditional Italian polkas together. Then everything changed when he heard John Coltrane for the first time, which prompted him to switch to saxophone. Fast forward to high school where the school band’s bari-sax player has been expelled, leaving the door open for Pellegrino to dive in. The rest is history.

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