Herschel Walker sets tone for US Senate debate against Senator Warnock

Herschel walker did a smart thing last week by publicly stating “I’m not that smart” at a campaign event at Savanna Harbor.

For Walker, his US Senate debate versus Senator Raphael Warnock scheduled for October 14 has the potential to be a campaign cataclysm. No amount of preparation and practice will make Walker equal to Warnock in discussing politics and issues on the debate stage, where Warnock is as polished as a jewelry diamond.

The best Walker can hope for in the Warnock debate is to connect with voters on an emotional level. With his self-deprecating comments about his intelligence and doing “his best” during the debate, he lowers expectations and protects himself from the inevitable stumbles. He claims his position as an outsider.

Since a large percentage of the population is terrified of speaking in public, we understandably feel sympathy for those who blunder in front of a crowd. As long as Walker remains amiable and cheerful, he can lose the debate and lose no voters.

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Senator Raphael Warnock will debate Herschel Walker on October 14 in Savannah.

Especially if he resists the urge to utter the words “radical liberal Raphael Warnock,” a tactic that condemned Warnock’s last debating candidate, Senator Kelly Loeffler. In a 2020 debateshe used the label more than a dozen times, so often that the chorus dominated discussion after debate rather than the value of her political positions.

Loeffler lost the U.S. Senate runoff to Warnock a few weeks later, handing majority control of the chamber to the Democrats.

Walker is in a very different position than Loeffler. She’s an icon, not a relative unknown like Loeffler, who was a relative newcomer beyond Atlanta business and Georgia GOP insider circles when she was named to her post-departure Senate post. retired Johnny Isakson.

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U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler speaks during a debate with U.S. Senate Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock on December 6, 2020.

Georgians have supported Walker in one way or another for half a century. Even those who doubt his good faith don’t want to watch his fledgling political career fail on a debate stage.

Warnock must debate carefully. He’ll want to score points without intimidating Walker or appearing condescending. Warnock will have to put aside pointed rebuttals and remind voters that he, too, overcame adverse circumstances to succeed. Let Walker’s mistakes sort themselves out.

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Last week, with word that Savannah would host a U.S. Senate debate between Walker and Warnock, we asked you what questions you asked the candidates. Here is what you told us:

“Do you think there’s a single American who isn’t a Democratic politician who thinks hiring 80,000 IRS officers is somehow helpful to anyone?”

“When you see all the Americans homeless, do you think you are doing the will of the people by sending $70 billion to Ukraine?”

“What does each candidate want to see happen with nationwide abortion access?

“What would they like to see happen to make college more affordable in the future?”

“What’s your favorite quote from a book that wasn’t the Bible or pictures?” »

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