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Christine Carey, a contemporary music major at Eastern, has spent the last few months preparing for her next senior recital.

Carey has been performing for as long as she can remember, and although she grew up playing multiple instruments, Carey’s musical outlet is her voice.

Although Carey’s primary form of musical expression is through her voice, she also finds it difficult; “When emotions are a thing, sometimes singing just isn’t really possible,” said Carey. When the emotions get overwhelming, Carey turns to his guitar or piano, or even writes his own music.

Beyond vocals, Carey has been playing guitar and piano since she was very young, and has recently started playing the violin.

Carey enjoys immersing herself in music that matches her vocal tone. She specializes in singing blues, jazz, and folk music, which also affects the way she writes music. Although she tends to be influenced by the music she listens to, she tends to sing where her voice is strongest.

Carey has been working on setting up her senior recital since July, when she asked her jury to select her song arrangements for the recital. The recital will feature jazz, contemporary folk music, musical theater songs and some of Carey’s original songs.

A jury for musical majors can be considered as an intermediate point in a final thesis; “It requires a weekly rehearsal with a team of collaborators, a lot of research into the songs, understanding the lyrics, where they’re coming from, and knowing the story so I can tell it better,” said Carey.

There are a lot of things Carey had to take into consideration when planning her senior recital. Everything had to fit in a certain amount of time, she had to find a suitable accompanist for each piece and she had to make sure that all of her songs matched the theme of her major in contemporary music.

Carey is also an active member of musical ensembles; Tournant, university choir and Eastern Winds.

Beyond music, Carey plays an active role in several campus clubs. Along with her musical endeavors, Carey is a third year student chaplain at Gough Hall. She is also the musical coordinator of the Ethels swing club.

All around, Carey has always been an artist’s soul, in her spare time she likes to dance and draw when she has the time to do so.

“I like to read but I don’t have a lot of time for that, training takes a lot, if you really want to get good you have to spend a lot of time training,” said Carey.

Practice is important for any musician to master their art. However, “you can’t practice vocals too much, not safe, even just listening / viewing songs, other instruments can spend hours practicing songs,” advises Carey.

Carey’s advice to anyone looking for a career in music is to “keep trying, no matter how bad it seems or like you’re not going anywhere.” Practice takes time, you can’t rush things, take it slow and fight your way. It’s not an easy art, it’s a difficult discipline, you just have to keep pushing.

Carey’s senior recital will be held on October 15 at St. David’s Episcopal Church at 7:00 p.m.

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