In the retrospective III of New Vision Dance Co.


New Vision Dance Company, one of central Ohio’s premier concert dance companies, celebrated 15 years of bringing dance to the community. This non-profit dance ensemble, best known for its versatility in style and community involvement, was created for those looking for ways to continue to grow in their passion for dance. Over the past 15 years, the company has brought together artists of various ages and backgrounds to celebrate this passion, all thanks to founder and artistic director Melissa Gould.

Melissa Gould has led a dedicated life in the arts both throughout her professional dancing career in places such as Las Vegas, Japan and South Korea and beyond inspiring new generations in their quest for arts. Gould, looking for new ways to support the next generation of dancers, decided to create New Vision Dance Co. She founded the company in 2006 in Seattle, Washington. Then in 2013, Gould moved to Columbus, Ohio. Since then, she has cultivated the group to become a staple presence in the Columbus arts community. Responding to the success of his 15 year business with New Vision, Gould said, “I am delighted to have a talented and dedicated dance company and board of directors. Together, we have so much to look forward to, including the launch of the upcoming inaugural year of the New Albany Dance Festival. “

The members of New Vision Dance Co. share Gould’s goal of spreading the love of dance. The ensemble is featured on several shows per year to engage with residents of the Greater Columbus community. The company also provides opportunities for next generation artists to grow in the arts through the implementation of dance workshops for their children. Company members are excited to celebrate New Vision’s 15th anniversary this year. Dancing on stage to celebrate this feat is even sweeter after the pandemic year when performances were scarce.

The festive season ended in October with their show Retrospective III – 15 Years of Dance. This show took audiences on a journey through time as the company recreated old favorites from their 15 years of performance. The show featured members of New Vision Dance Co. and featured a variety of dances such as Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theater, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballroom, and more. The shows were presented October 16-17 at the McCoy Center for the Performing Arts in New Albany, Ohio.

Members of the New Vision Dance Company: Ally Farrell, Alyssa Fickert, Annie Ratanapan, Arnav Nawani, Ashley Dabe, Betsy Oellerman, Caitlin Gregory, Carter Minor, Charlotte Rutherford, Ciana Petrullo, Clara Love, Cody Law, Dani Siefker, Dominic Catrone, Gabby Bailey, Haley Herbst, Janaya Davis, Jennifer Myers, Jessica Gould, Joe Gould, Jonathan Hill, Kayla Taylor, Lauren Seger, Lexi Daniels, Mackenzie Hanna, Matthew Bowman, Michael Musarra, Olivia Crawford, Olivia Gassman, Rachel Cory and Sally Squires .

Check out the first look below!

Photo credit: Jerri Shafer

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