Layers of indie music by One More Onion


This could explain why Crayton’s solo project is called One More Onion, although he doesn’t seem to take his project’s name that seriously.

“It’s funny,” he said, “because one of the main reasons for choosing the name One More Onion is that it’s not meaningful. Onions are one of the most popular vegetables. currents. I was like, “It’s an onion! It doesn’t have an agenda.”

Crayton will bring his solo act, with layers of bluegrass, indie, folk and jazz, to Fiddlehead Coffee Co. on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Hailing from La Crosse, Wisconsin, Crayton valued simplicity in many of his previous recordings. “Limitation experimentation was something I wrote with reference to my recorded music,” he said. “I use a very simple and sometimes limited recording setup.” His recordings have focused on using a handful of instruments and an 8-track, which keeps the sound grounded.

However, Crayton is also the kind of guy who he says continues to wear broken glasses. This could explain his desire to expand his sound during recordings using things like broken amps, and even found musical instruments like garden hoses and bicycles.

Although he started playing the guitar, Crayton said as a child he played the violin and was fascinated by the vocals and instrumentation he heard in church. “Every time I saw someone play something, even as simple as a G chord, I was completely mesmerized,” he said.

After previously posting music to Soundcloud under the name AltoWire, Crayton plans to be very busy recording in the near future. “I plan to do a live album this fall,” he said. He’s also working on putting the finishing touches on a collaborative EP with his friend and bandmate Fernando Mendoza. A complete, arranged independent album is also in the works.

If you are going to

What: One more onion

Or: Fiddlehead Coffee Co., 412 3rd Ave. SE, Rochester

When: 11 am-1pm Saturday August 7th

Cost: Free

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