Meet Alabama’s football opponent Alvin Ward Jr. de Mercer, who plays trumpet, piano and guitar


The first depth map that included Mercier outside linebacker Alvin Ward Jr. had nothing to do with football.

The trumpet section of his quorum group had seven chairs. During the sixth year, Ward usually hovered around the number 7 seven.

Then he stopped doing stupid things in seventh grade and quickly rose through the ranks.

“I started to see how other people were getting awards and things and I’m like, I want it,” Ward told The Tuscaloosa News. “I finally took it seriously and started to go home and train. “

And practice and practice and practice. He quickly moved to the first chair and participated in auditions, concerts, a jazz band, a marching band, a church and more.

Throughout the summer, The Tuscaloosa News takes a look at an interesting player or person around each Alabama football adversary: ​​not necessarily the best, the worst, or the most important person. Instead, the focus for this series will be on who’s interesting.

Mercer linebacker Alvin Ward Jr.

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Ward receives the Most Interesting Player title for Week 2 opponent Mercer because he’s not a linebacker who only plays one instrument.

He plays four.

Ward started with the trumpet and has since added piano, bass guitar, and electric guitar. His orchestra teacher helped him learn the trumpet, but Ward himself learned the other three.

To learn each instrument, the process was not that different from football.

“I had to slowly break everything down,” Ward said. “Just like our walkthroughs in practice. We break down every movement. It’s the same way I did it. I made sure to break everything down to understand music theory.

He used YouTube to learn the keyboard during his sophomore year in the red shirt at Georgia Southern. He is now a transfer graduate from Mercer.

He will sometimes be content to play chords or riffs with his own creations. But one of her favorite songs to play is “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys.

“(Playing music) was so therapeutic for me,” Ward said. “After a long day of training where I just have a lot of homework, I just want to clear my mind. I tend to get stuck in my head a lot so when I play my instruments it calms me down and I can just be calm and enjoy my time.

Then there was the moment he started pressing his keypad on a Zoom call with teammates at Mercer.

Ward made the tragic video conference call mistake, thinking he was muted.

But he wasn’t.

Ward apologized. However, his teammates told him they liked him.

In fact, they asked him to play at future Zoom meetings.

“They’re actually really fascinated by it,” Ward said.

As they should be. It’s not every day that someone has the talent and the ability to theoretically play both at the football game and at halftime.

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