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A recent scientific study conducted by the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science indicates that blues, jazz and heavy metal bands often end up being harmed by streaming services like Apple, Spotify and Tidal, while only hip artists -hop and pop really benefit from the system’s payment model.

The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Hamburg and the private Kuehne Logistic University in the northern German city.

In this type of payment, all profits from fees and advertisements are pooled and paid out to artists based on the share of total tracks.

It also means users can pay for music they haven’t heard.

“Because the share of all tracks determines the money paid, short song genres benefit the most, with a segment of users who listen longer and for less money,” said Professor Michel Clement, Master lectures at the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Hamburg.

Hip-hop artists are the group that has benefited the most.

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Research leader Clement explained, “A few genres, particularly jazz, blues and heavy metal, have longer average song lengths and are therefore at a payout disadvantage.

“At the same time, pop, hip-hop and electronic dance music have favorable conditions thanks to shorter song times.”

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