On Mission February 7: Carnival Checklist, Mardi Gras Supplies, and Sunken-at-Sea Cookbook

> Training days

It’s Carnival practice time. Here’s a checklist to get you and your home ready and fit for the best time of year:

Clean your house from top to bottom. By the time Mardi Gras Day rolls around, you’ll be swimming in go-cups, pulling out boxes, beads and throws, and, in my house at least, costume accessories in every room. You’re going to want to make sure everything is in order before the (wonderful) chaos begins.

Stock up on paper towels for spills and cleanup, cloth hand towels for the powder room (this dirty coast king cake towel is a great option), um extra toilet paper of course, and hand soap (we love that Mrs. Meyer’s basil-scented option at Whole Foods) and hand sanitizer. Dr Bronner‘s makes an organic spray sanitizer in a lovely lavender scent so refreshing you’ll want to buy one for the bathroom, your purse, your car, and more. I like to have a basket of disposable masks (in addition to our standard KN95s) by the front door too, just in case an unexpected visitor stops by or you have to run quickly to grab a Muses shoe. Fleurty Girl also offers a wide selection of masks that are cheeky and chic, for those looking for a fashion statement, as well as germ protection.

Prepare your carnival makeup. NOLA craft culture has a wide selection of wearable sequins, eyelashes, feathers and more. One quick trip and a chat with the experts, and you’ll be ready to shine all show season alone. We really like Electra Cosmetics Bolt Balm (available in store) for our body glitter needs. It slips on easily, doesn’t feel cakey or sweat throughout the hottest parade day.

Prepare your costume/outfit. If you’re looking for last-minute costumes, try an insider favorite, Broadway Bound at 2737 Canal St., for a wide selection of sequins, feathers and more. Just around the corner, at 2811, rue Toulouse, is plush appeal, which has all the types of throws you could want, novelties and accessories, a variety of beads in all colors and much more. It’s hard not to get into the Carnival spirit as you walk the aisles of this Mardi Gras mecca.

Get your best walking shoes, boots or costume ready shoes. I have a pair glitter walking sneakers it can take me from Napoleon to Canal Street and back to catch Zulu and Rex. Majorette boots are also a popular choice for many. Order of The NOLA spy for boots made for walking (and walking). Be sure to break in some new shoes or boots before the big day. Take a walk in the park. Go up and down avenue Saint-Charles. Your feet will thank you later.


Prepare your bar. You won’t want to run to and from the store to stock up, so be sure to think ahead. Stock up on go-cups, mixers (such as tonic, seltzer, olives, lemons and limes), bitters (proper New Orleans Bitter El Guapo essentials of a well-stocked bar), cocktail napkins (those Lionheart Prints are cute and festive enough for visitors – plus check out all their other parade and party essentials) and a variety of beverages, adult and non-alcoholic.

Prepare your home. Finally, if you haven’t decorated for the season yet, it’s time to break out the chunky beads, festive door hangers and parade ornaments. Floating artisans throughout the city sell the distinctive flowers that can be seen in many parades, so be on the lookout for some familiar favorites. Discover the special limited edition signature Orpheus flowers, on sale at Plush Appeal.

> Savor the flavor

Cakes of Kings – Now for something completely different. We tried the savory pretzel kings cake from La Boulangerie, just to mix things up a bit. While this savory cousin of the sweet variety comes with homemade mustard, we’ve also paired ours with a selection of charcuterie from local cheesemakers St. James Cheese Co. as well as charcuterie and meats from our grocer. local. Accompanied by a pint of our favorite locally brewed lager, it was the perfect casual Friday afternoon happy hour.

> Wrecked ship

In 2022’s most significant turn of events, the highly anticipated new recipe book of Turkey and the Wolf’s own leader Mason Hereford (along with JJ Goode) made their way to the Titanic, when the container carrying the books sank to the ocean floor en route to New Orleans. The New York Times picked up the crazy turn of events with a article detailing the tragedy at sea. And yet, while “Turkey and the Wolf: Flavor Trippin’ in New Orleans” is delayed, it’s on the way, so be sure to place your pre-orders for its debut, now slated for this summer.

>The art of corsetry

Finally, for personal connection, the traveling coterie I belong to, the Ladies of Beading, recently released our 2022 themed announcement. Each year, the Ladies hand sew a unique corset. Inspired by the city of New Orleans. Past themes have included “Streets and Neighborhoods”, “They All Asked You All” and “Jazz Fest”. This year, we’re paying homage to the city’s rich variety of street art and murals with our ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ review. Look for us along the avenue in the Krewe of Freret, Krewe of King Arthur and Krewe of Tucks, and in the French Quarter for our Dame Fine Second Line on Lund Gras. And be sure to check out our PageInstagram to see some of our artwork, the beading process and more.

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