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The unique and intimate sound of local band Late Nite Laundry combines dreamy vocals with elements of pop and Latin jazz.

During a recording session at Belmont Cragin’s Bim Bom Studios, the quartet explained how, for them, conveying that intimate feeling to a live audience starts with taking a deep breath.

“When you get on stage, it doesn’t matter how good you are…everyone has this little nervous thing,” said drummer Alex Santilli. “So we just start what we’re doing right where we’re sitting, it doesn’t matter who we’re in front of and we’re inhaling and exhaling.”

Late Nite Laundry drummer Alex Santilli. (WTTW News)

“We just want to shut everything down, watch each other, know where we are and then we can bring everyone in,” said bassist Emily Burlew.

Beyond their influences, however, the sound can be hard to put into words, says vocalist and lead guitarist Ari Lindo.

“We’ve been described as psychedelic soul, which is pretty cool, we definitely have a lot more influences than that. A lot of us have a background in jazz, a kind of neo-soul fusion,” Lindo said. “I would describe it as this whirlwind of jazz and Brazilian influence and jazz brothers, sisters, cousins, grandmothers, but wrapped up in that kind of indie chamber pop sound.”

Late Nite Laundry vocalist and lead guitarist Ari Lindo.  (WTTW News)Late Nite Laundry vocalist and lead guitarist Ari Lindo. (WTTW News)

Keyboardist Brenden Cabrera, who was the last to join Late Nite Laundry, said the songwriting process has evolved since the band formed in 2019.

“Music, like any other art, when collaborative, you reach higher levels than you could as any given individual. And I think we all really believe in that,” Cabrera said. “If we’re all in the same room and there’s a medium in front of us, be it an instrument or often even a computer, we tend to write a lot, create a lot. And that’s something we’ve had incredible results with.

Late Nite Laundry keyboardist Brenden Cabrera.  (WTTW News)Late Nite Laundry keyboardist Brenden Cabrera. (WTTW News)

“We all had a hand in songwriting,” Lindo said. “Whether it’s Brenden and I writing together or it starts with Emily and Alex just creating a groove.”

“I’m just going to play with Alex through a song, and that’s the groove that I like to hit. It feels really good, like when that kick drum and that bass are one,” Burlew said. Each person – their flair, their style, more than their expertise and their instrument – makes Late Nite Laundry what it is.”

Late Nite Laundry bassist Emily Burlew.  (WTTW News)Late Nite Laundry bassist Emily Burlew. (WTTW News)

Santilli and Lindo say the audience connection they seek to create stems from the band’s bond with each other.

“I’ve been doing this for 15 years, and that’s one of the rarest things that can happen in the music scene is finding a unit that’s a unit,” Santilli said. “There’s something going on, it’s very spiritual that can’t be intellectualized. It happens when you’re with a unit and a family and I think when people see that living with us, they’re just like, whoa.

“For people to feel that camaraderie and that sense of family within the band, to feel that when they come to our shows and they listen to our music, I think that’s super important,” Lindo said. .

Late Nite Laundry appears in a free performance at The Chop Shop on July 27.

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