Record PC time | Senior hip-hop dancer looks to the future

WHEAT – Among the dancers who took the stage at Dance Wyoming’s 2021 Christmas Dance Recital on December 19, one donned his dancing shoes for a premier performance.

Matthew Streets is in his final year of Wheatland High School and has been dancing since he was about eight years old. It was a hobby that he enjoyed.

“I thought it would be fundraising and give me something to do during the week,” Streets said.

Matthew says his family supported him when he started dancing. He has learned several styles of dance with hip-hop, including tap, jazz and Irish dance styles, but hip-hop is his favorite.

“The hip-hop style of dance is a lot like street dancing per se,” Streets said. “And it jumps out at you with big movements.”

Matthew’s favorite instructor from Dance Wyoming is Mira Taylor, the studio director for Dance Wyoming.

“She explains dancing really well and if we have any issues with her, she will come back to help us understand her and always make dancing fun,” Streets said.

Taylor had good things to say about Matthew. She complimented his character and noted his improvement as a dancer.

“We really enjoyed having Matthew in the dance studio for so long,” Taylor said.

“He’s just a really good kid. It is a joy to have in class. He’s always friendly, helpful and he’s really grown in his dancing skills so we’ve loved watching him over the years.

In addition to dancing, Matthew’s hobbies include 4H and sports like track and field and cross country.

“Cross country and track helped keep me fit and gave me something to do,” Streets said. “I could try to get a scholarship for cross country or track and field.”

Recently, Matthew ran a five kilometer race in 19 minutes and ten seconds. This achievement earned the honor of High School Athlete of the Week.

After graduating from high school, Matthew hopes to continue running and become a student-athlete in college, perhaps on a scholarship.

“I would love to go to college and maybe run for a varsity team and try to get my architectural engineering degree,” Streets said.

Matthew offered encouragement to his fellow dancers and other high school students.

“If you like it, just keep doing it and have as much fun as you can doing it, even if people laugh at you for it,” Streets said. “As long as you love her, nothing else matters.”

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