The 2021 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival is over, but there is still time to see the free shows online



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      The 2021 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival finished yesterday (July 4th), but there is still time to see performances online.

      But you only have until tomorrow midnight.

      At 11:59 p.m. on July 6, all jazz festival performances that are broadcast on YouTube will be removed.

      To make it easier for you, here are the last minute links to all of the festival’s free shows.

      Oceanic works of art:

      Bonnie Northgraves Quartet

      Malleus trio

      Inactive moon

      Shannon Scott


      Peggy Lee Cole Schmidt Trio feat. Dan Gaucher

      Thad Bailey-Mai Quartet

      Kristin fung

      Anita Eccleston

      Christopher Fraser Quartet

      Krystle Dos Santos

      Amanda Sum

      Mary Ancheta Quartet

      Lydia Hole

      Rib cage

      the della kit (fka Erica Dee)

      Marin Patenaude

      Living room panther

      Tom Wherrett Group

      DJ Kookum and Sierra Baker

      Performance works:

      HUMAN RACE [Iteration]

      Turner / Ryga Quartet Homage to Charlie Parker

      Jillian lebeck

      Kuya Quintet

      Rayhan of Emad Armoush

      Itamar Erez Quartet

      André Lachance Quartet

      Dawn Pemberton

      San Pedro Cinco

      Jasmine Jazz feat. The Jodi Proznick trio

      The Forges:

      Music by Alvaro Rojas for 22

      Terriers / Loewen / Reed / Clark

      Jeff Young’s Dreamy Sky

      Chris Gestrin’s Quartet of Shadows

      Downtime III


      Lisa Cay Miller / Ben Brown / Feven Kidane


      Particle storm

      Eli Davidovici

      Special presentations:

      Basics for the Hexadrome

      Moor Mother / Luke Stewart / Tcheser Holmes: A Poem for Milford Graves

      For more information, visit the Coastal Jazz & Blues Society website here.



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