The North Omaha Music & Arts Center organizes a master class


OMAHA, Neb. – Love’s Jazz & Arts Center, which honors the late jazz musician Preston Love, is now the North Omaha Music and Arts Center (NOMA). He hosted his first event Tuesday night with a master class featuring the JD Allen Trio to kick off his vision for the future with world-class musicians.

“What is really exciting is being able to bring something impactful to the young people in the community, something that will channel their energy through art and culture. Love’s Jazz was their original vision and to have a chance to continue this and maximize all of the things that are in the community is really exciting, ”said Dana Murray, CEO of NOMA.

The remodeling will be done in stages and the smallest details will be taken care of, including the best lighting to showcase the art and the artists.

“People can expect a state-of-the-art facility that meets the needs of young people across all manners and forms of music, be it instruments, dance or the arts. media. We see ourselves as complete music and arts. academy. We’re going to embody the spirit and everything that goes with it, ”Murray continued.

Classes and musical experiences will be modeled to ensure future artists have a roadmap to success.

Music has a rich history here in North Omaha. While Love’s Jazz & Arts Center will always be a part of that community, NOMA staff say they are not looking to replace or erase that history, but rather build on that with music education, the history and appreciation.

Tuesday’s event will be the first of many more exciting events to come. They plan to have something every month.

“You had the great Preston Love playing across the street. There weren’t a lot of educational services in North or South Omaha, but something like what we do here, j ‘would have liked to have had something like this when I was younger,’ added Murray.

They want the renovations to be completed in 2023.

The master class with the JD Allen Trio, with Nasheet Waits and Eric Revis is free. The trio also have a show scheduled for Wednesday at the Jewell Center in the Capital District at 2221 N. 24th St.

You can learn more about NOMA by visiting their website.

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