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brown city down frown

Brunette hazel bay umber beige buff brown brown fawn mahogany sepia tan brick biscuit auburn
chocolate dark coffee mousy sorrel toasted tawny brindle burnt bronze sienna camel caramel dun
ginger persimmon mushroom russet rust sand cocoa copper coppery fuscous hazelnut sandy stone amber bistre
cinnamon powder ecru greige henna kasha hazelnut oatmeal ocher light brown taupe chip wheaten toast
terracotta chocolate color cocoa color coffee color dark brown donkey brown hazelnut brown stone
brownish yellow color snuff dun color mud color mouse color light brownish gray color
chocolate brown cocoa color hazelnut color dark coffee brown leather color olive light color
brown yellowish brown olive brown yellowish cream straw color coffee color sand color
brown yellow yellowish beige oat color camel color sand color biscuit color. Brunette Beauty
brunette beauty. Period writing from memory, writing from experience. Brown v Board of Education. A line
points. Lascaux. Allegory of the cave. Horses and deer. Great hall of the bulls. 6000 digits. Giant elk.
Animals and human figures and abstract signs. Pulses and deer and cattle and bison. 7 felines, a bird, a
rhinoceros and a human. Moving bulls. Red, yellow, black. Red and green. nature, wood, ground, human
hair, eye color, skin pigmentation. Plainness, rustic, faeces and poverty. Cooking, heat, wildlife,
autumn, Brunot _to polish. Chocolate color. Coffee color, tea color. Shadow brown and black.
Footprint panel. Bears and cubs. Black cow, swimming deer, mama bear, crossed buffalo. Brilliant brown
leather jacket. Bird-headed man. Ithyphallic bullmoose with brown velvet antlers. Bear with erect penis.
Trance dance. River otters. The sow. History of the world in 100 objects. Marbled horse. brown tail scut
Hare. Little brown mice. Sticks, mountains, dots, lines, rectangular panels: Pumas. Monkey Hunt Success
the past. Like a bison licking an insect bite. Like a standing bear. Like a pack of rhinos before a fight.
Like a wild horse on an island. Swimming reindeer together. Unit with the Mammoth Spear Thrower.
Mammoth tusk. Creeping hyena. Venus of the manure. Cuttlefish sepia. Lower class Barbarians, Plebeians.
Pullati. Those dressed in brown. Dark brown clay umber. Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Dark Orange Equal
brown. Brunette mom. Walnut a brown dye for wool. Reddish hair dye. Chestnut. Rust. Iron oxide.
Watch out for black mold! Terracotta. Terracotta. 720 BC. Still there after all these years. Leonardo DeVinci
sepia of a cuttlefish. Chiaroscuro. Flash of light. Once I was in an asylum. I was given a chestnut
paper bag. I drilled three holes in it and put it on my head. Whole wheat bread. brown sugar. Sorry. Siena in
Tuscany. Like seeing my own eye. A brown eye. An almost black eye. Auburn hair. The color of
light honey brown, the color of golden brown, the color of copper, the color of bronze, the color of coffee,
the color of dark chocolate brown, the color of burning peat, the color of snowshoe hare in spring, the
brown rat color. The color of the brown bear. The color of the ermine. Do you remember the black belt? muddy like
the Mississippi. This stream of people flowed north. America’s Golden Gate. The mule has more rights.
Brown and green. Camouflage. Camel. Sahara. Desert. What is this sound? Brown Rat, Tawny Owl, Tané.
Beige leather. Chamois. Light brown yellow. Ocher color. Chamois leather. Yellowish tan. Urdu Khaki. Dust
covered. Beware of the brown revolution. Beware of the brown vote. They are laughing now. Brown silk pajamas
with swastika. Beware of the brown house. My brown blanket. Hugo Boss loves brown. brown is not
always bad. Remember World War II. Remember the maroon bombers. Tuskege! Tuskege! Fly! Fly! Fly!
Wearing brown Pullman. To carry. Save the post. What can brown do for you? Brown as a berry.
Brown as a bag. Brown as a brown out. Brown like brownfields. Brown like brown nose. brown like
brown study. Dark as lugubrious you will not deceive me. Endurance, solidarity, anchoring, strength: Earth!
Khaki! A sachertorte. Chocolate cake. Vienna awaits you. Kufra Oasis: A space fissure. Age in oak barrels
Chianti. Brown colored horse. Don. Don. Don. Amber sparkles in the amorous carmel sun. a sepia
photograph from the 1890s. The humility of the Franciscan monk. Decomposed organic matter. Beige. The color of wool.
Red brown Puceia flea bites. Blood stains the legends of King Arthur Sir Gareth. Sir Perymones, “The Flea
Knight.” Fuchsia lavender plus pink clear glass chip. Taupe taupe. Are you brown or are you gray? Pale
Taupe, light taupe, mauve taupe, pink taupe, sand taupe, taupe gray, deep taupe, taupe brown, medium
mole. Dull dull light brown. Sheep. Natural sheep. Baa. Baa. Baa. Dull olive. Clay soil. Sienna raw. Red
brown, 1682. Pinkish brown, 1987, Burnt umber, 1650, Hematite. Fe2O3. Wenge legume tree. Chestnut.
Smoky topaz. Vermilion brown. Desert sand, 1926, dark brown, black-brown, beaver, 1705, orange-
Brown, cocoa brown, red, 1363, strong brown. Honorificabilitudinitatibus. Yes you can! The final

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