UC Davis Political Violence Survey | CA Firearms Legislation | A conversation with Spencer Day

Governor Gavin Newsom speaks during a press conference as he is joined by California Attorney General Rob Bonta, left, and State Senator Bob Hertzberg Friday, July 22, 2022. Newsom signed a gun control law on Friday.

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Governor Newsom signs new gun bills. The UC Davis national survey reveals an alarming trend of political violence. Sacramento Republic FC hosts the US Open Cup semi-final match.

UC Davis Political Violence Survey

Current conditions in the United States compromise its future as a free and democratic society. That’s the key finding of a nationwide survey conducted by researchers from UC Davis’ Violence Prevention Research Program. The survey, which has not yet been peer-reviewed (meaning it has not yet been evaluated by the medical community), suggests an alarming trend of political violence across the country and is the first of its kind to assess people’s willingness to participate in violent political acts. The research also reveals a growing level of distrust in American democracy and its institutions. Half of those who responded believe that the country will soon experience another civil war. While some of these conclusions seem grim, others lay the groundwork for hope. A large majority of those who responded said they reject political violence entirely or are unwilling to resort to violence themselves. To go beyond the headlines and better understand what this research means, Insight spoke to dr. Garen Wintermutcalifornia manager Gun Violence Research Center and Violence Prevention Program at UC Davis.

Firearms legislation

It’s a first of its kind, it’s controversial, and even Governor Newsom thinks the new gun control law he signed will likely end up in the Supreme Court. Gun rights advocates call the new law a cheap political gimmick, and even the ACLU isn’t happy with it. The new law is almost a “copy and paste” of Texas’ recent abortion law, which allows citizens to report and prosecute violators. Newsom’s gun control law, which was signed at Santa Monica College, the site of a 2013 mass shooting that left six people dead, will allow Californians to sue anyone who sells or manufactures guns illegal, including assault rifles. If the plaintiff wins in court, the state will pay him up to $10,000 per offense and per weapon. The law also applies to ghost guns and the parts used to make them. This is just the latest in a series of gun-related bills signed by Governor Newsom. CapRadio State Political Journalist Nicole Nixon shed light on this bill and others that will likely all be challenged in court.

Spencer Day

Spencer Day is a critically acclaimed jazz singer who also loves musical theatre. His rich baritone voice wowed audiences in venues large and small. From piano bars in New York to an appearance at the Monterey Jazz Festival, Spencer Day delivers a consistently uplifting performance. He reinvents classic tunes from Broadway shows in a jazz-flavored setting on his latest album. Cap Radio Jazz Music Director Gary Vercelli spoke with Spencer this spring and started by asking him why he chose this theme.

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