Utah Odyssey Dance Theater closes after 28 years

DRAPER, Utah — The famous local Odyssey Dance Theater will be closing its doors this fall after 28 years.

A statement from the theater states, “After a 28-year mission of providing space for talented dancers to stay in their home state of Utah and perform, as well as attracting talent from around the world across Utah, Odyssey Founder and Artistic Director Derryl Yeager and his wife, Costume Designer/Costume Production Manager Cheryl Yeager, will be on the next “mission” of their lives, serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. »

According to their website, Odyssey employs 24 dancers, more than half of whom were born in Utah and are proficient in all dance styles, including ballet; faucet; Jazz; modern; Irish; ballroom; and funk/hip-hop.

They are best known for their “Thriller” dance show every October, which has become a tradition for many Utahns every Halloween season.

Derryl Yeager, founder and artistic director of Odyssey, spoke to KSL NewsRadio about the closure.

“We’ve been doing this for 28 years, and my wife works with me, she does all the costumes and things like that,” Yeager said. “We always wanted to go on a mission for the Church and so we…we decided to close the business here after finishing Thriller this fall and move on to another chapter in our lives.”

They don’t plan to return to the business, but Yeager said anything is possible.

“We’re ready to move on and let others fill the void if they want to,” he said.

So for those who want to see the Halloween classic, Thriller, this fall will be the last chance.

“This will be our last thriller…People have been so supportive of this show for all these years, it’s the show that really made the business possible, and so we’re so grateful for this show and we hope people take the it’s time to go out and see him one last time,” Yeager said.

He said working with his wife, Cheryl Yeager, has been a wonderful adventure.

“We love working together, we’re kind of one of those very rare couples who really love working together.”

Due to closure, Odyssey Dance Theater is selling costumes from 28 years of performances.

“We are having a big sale of all our costumes this Saturday,” said Derryl Yeager.

The sale will take place on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. More information about this sale can be found here.

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