When Ulrich gave teenage Weinberg a life-changing signed drumhead

Jay Weinberg is the drummer for one of the best bands in the world, Slipknot, but it all had to start somewhere. Weinberg just revealed a piece of Lars Ulrich memorabilia that his wife had recently cropped that played a pivotal role in his early music career.

“Daaaaamn! My wife surprised me on our day at home with this sick drumhead crop – with a new addition,” Weinberg said, showing off the new Lars Ulrich-designed drumhead case. And while you may look at first and think, “That’s good,” it’s the sign Ulrich signed to a very young Jay Weinberg that interests us here.

Jay continued in his Twitter feed explaining why this particular drumhead meant so much to him. “In 2004 my dad @EStreetMax brought me to my very first @Metallica gig,” Weinberg writes. “@larsulrich and the guys were so kind and nice – and they put on a hell of an inspiring show. I vividly remember telling Lars that night that I was starting to play drums myself.”

As seen from the inscription in the tweet below, Ulrich wrote to young Jay, “One day this will all be yours.” “I took his inspirational note to heart that night and pursued a lifelong dedication to music,” Weinberg writes.

Earlier this year, Weinberg reflected on his early years and got into drumming with Bronx’s Matt Caughthran on the Sailor Jerry podcast. During this chat, he revealed former The Used and current Rancid drummer Branden Steineckert as the musician who initially influenced him to take up drums.

“He was the drummer who made me want to start playing drums,” Weinberg said. “That’s when the switch in my head went off. Because music wasn’t really something that appealed to me. I was really into it, but it wasn’t something that spoke to me. necessarily to take an instrument. I played guitar when I was nine and then we would go to lessons. But lessons were school, and I didn’t want to go to school after school. And so I came a little late, but watching Branden at Irving Plaza when I was 12, had a huge impact on me. And that’s what made me want to be like, ‘I want to do this. Whatever it is, I want to do this.’ And oh, yeah, we’re best friends to this day.”

From there, he started digging deeper to pick up whatever he could. “I kind of put myself on this vertical learning curve. I try to play and do my best playing Slayer records and Metallica records and so on,” said Weinberg, who would eventually replacing his father in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band as well as performing with Madball, Against Me! and Kvelertak before claiming the drum throne for Slipknot.

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